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Beyond the Plasma

The ABC of Physics had much to convey. The four states of matter: solid, liquid, gas and plasma. Plasma, which constitutes positive and negative ions and so do the thoughts. The divinity, the supreme Almighty resides somewhere in that expanse beyond the plasma, yet within the realms of physics. “Kisi cheez ko dil se chaho to puri kaynat usko apse milane me lag jati hai.” Indeed!! The positive imagery formed and the madness to own it can serve you like Aladdin’s Genie. You just have to get the magician out of the lamp with the strong rub of your will. Once out, its your slave. And the wish-count is not restricted to a three.

A phenomenon next to impossible, an event unforeseen, unanticipated. And then lo and behold. It happens. You thank your Gods for granting your wish. So, were they right beside you judging your heart, or are they beyond the plasma? But you certainly acquired something unfathomable. Right? Kaaynaat. It’s make is not certain. And the true wishes grow roots with time. They do not have a manufacturing or expiry date. Then, how does the seemingly impossible moment unmask itself? It comes out of nowhere right in front of us and its angelic smile may just encharm us to dance a whole evening.

One moment of unexplainable clashes within your skull and the next, you have what you so deeply hoped for. It maybe a result, a person, a task, anything. You know something just might not happen and then it presents its existence in a gift-wrap with beautiful laces tied. I know i did not make it happen. But it happened. I had measured every possibility and was in despair. But it happened and i might just thank God for it. But my surroundings contain matter. Matter made of molecules and ions. So how far would my gratefulness be allowed to travel? Its velocity would decrease. But then, i was listened to when i was speaking in the core of my heart. When not even my brain could listen so as to apply its logic to disappoint me. Then if they listened, they surely are beyond the plasma.