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Jab Tak Kuch Kuch Hota Hai… Hai Jaan!

“You are eight years now. Ab tum bari ho gyi ho.” When Tina wrote this to Anjali (her daughter) as one of the letters those were to be delivered after her own death, she knew Anjali (Rahul’s best friend from college) would still be a spinster after eight years. Once our little Anjali read the letter, the treasure hunt started. Rahul hadn’t remarried all this while after all. Tina knew this too. All the coaxing from dadi’s side would be futile. Tina knew it all. Oh Tina!

Kuch kuch hota hai Anjali, tum nahi samjhhogi.” Oh yes. How could she understand kya hota hai. Yet this girl stayed on for all this while when Rahul and Tina completed their college, got married, enjoyed for some time, had a kid and that kid grew up to be eight years of age. And even now she adamantly said, “Ye dulhan intzaar karwaigi.” And this entire wait took place in the backdrop of an Indian family. OMG! Really? I had the idea that girls are married off horribly quick after college, more so Anjali wasn’t into any 9-to-9 IT job. Well, Anjali’s true love bore fruit. She got her love after so many years.

After so many years, they still iterate that idea. Wait, have patience aur puri kaynat tumko usse milane me lag jayegi. Meera somehow killed herself from Samar’s life. But she got her love back after ten years just like Anjali was blessed. Ten long years. Poor Akira. Now this girl will wait for another birth! Chalo maan liya.

Some thoughts that popped.

Firstly, Hero ho, to Shahrukh jaisa. He earned the love of two women in both the movies. Secondly, Tina and Meera had to have Anupam Kher as their fathers. There is a dearth of fathers who can let their girls do their will. Thirdly, Rahul, Anjali, Tina, Samar, Meera and Akira, none of them had any influence of any siblings in their lives. Only God knows if they had any. Fourthly, December 1998, the waiting period to get your lost love was eight years. Till December 2012, the waiting period is ten years. The offer expires then. So the fresh waiting period is going to be, you know, a lifetime. Yippee! Your turn comes in your next birth. Congratulations! Fifthly, KKHH was made in 8 crores,  JTHJ took 50 crores to be made. Mehangayi dayan khaye jaat hai. Uff! Sixthly, you break a marriage to make one. It doesn’t come easy. e.g. Anjali and Meera were friends with their to-be grooms even after… whatever!

An important derivation:



Anjali (junior)=Yaadasht (returned with Akira’s help) 

And all these derivations in shuffled order in the two movies. But for the changed order, there might have been copyrighting issues.

Abi, having watched this movie Jab Tak Hai Jaan, all i can say is, with due respect to Yash Johar and Yash Chopra, you know the recipe to blockbusters. It is simple. Get Shahrukh as your lead, throw in two female leads, kill one (if not possible, say for some time, make her invisible) and make SRK romance one. You are a winner!