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“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high,

¬†Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.”

-Rabindranath Tagore

Heaven of freedom is not a utopia. It is a very much possible phase that is approached to a merging proximity and then BOOM!! It is repelled with double the speed.

Reason: “Rat race”.

A few inquisitive souls wander through the deep stretches of unknown paradigms and discover mesmerizing objects of awe. The others not just take advantage of the new discovery by buying or snatching or stealing them, but also exploit the more so exquisite path undertaken. They rush towards the sweetness of the fruit in such madness, that they, in their pursuit, ruin the young and tender growing wonders under their feet.

Result: Loss of prospective wonders.

The evergreen inquisitiveness does not die here. It now delves into the oceans to savor the beauty of marine empire. Mother of pearl is found in a bed of corals. One declaration of having found this new marvel. The next thing we see is a “rat race”. All those who were a moment earlier, cherishing sweet fruits among the entwined tangles of the giant banyan, suddenly dive into the waters to gulp down a mouthful of phytoplankton at once. The next thing is the atrocity on the soft royal sea bed that leaves little for future mother-of-pearls to maintain their legacy.

Watching the debris, the inquisitive souls now climb a mountain and on their way, this time, they start creating obstacles to deter the lazy “discoverers” from reaching their heights. At the pinnacle, they find the world below them scantly shadowed by wafts of clouds. All they can see are the highest tree-tops, adjoining mountain ranges, the life-giving sun and the flying birds. They turn around to look at their little heaven. A close by lake suffices their need for water. The trees bear the sweetest fruits. The drowsy sun waves them good bye to return next day. The sight is golden with the most royal red cotton puffs hovering about. It lasts a few breaths to give life to a diamond exhibition on black velvety sky. As spectators, the inquisitives build telescopes to delve further. When the breeze brings them lullabies, they go to a slumber.

The mob starts to track the inquisitives. But obstacles refrain them. Some give up, some are still determined. Only the most curious one gets to the top to the inquisitives. He is welcomed. The next action is to protect their little heaven. So, they build a fortifying wall around. Now, their mind is without fear with a trust on their fort walls. Their heads are held high in humble acknowledgment of the rising sun. The little heaven is their country. They are inquisitives. They unfold the deepest and the farthest mysteries in that little heaven of theirs. A beautiful life.

Now, the question is, what if the mob comes and attacks them, intrudes their fort and destroys the beauty as they did earlier? It is rhetorical. Our inquisitives need to be ready to fight back. “War, surely, is a necessary evil.” It is human psychology that a major population constitutes of procrastinators when it comes to working but it is most active when it comes to plotting and acting in snatching someone else’s accomplishments. Or in a lower status of cheaters, it is walking on the same path to reach the same level of success. However, they forget that America once discovered, cannot be discovered again now. An inquisitive has to find something new. If not, form something new.

Engineering. What proportion of our eighteen year olds sit for JEE or AIEEE every year? Not all are inquisitives. Aren’t the fantastic dress designers or hair stylists or singers or painters finding and forming new wonders? They are inquisitives. And no Ph.D. can equal an inquisitive potter if he is not even thinking of development. If we really want to realize Tagore’s dreams of waking our nation in a heaven of freedom, we will have to let our eighteen year olds have the freedom to choose the arena of their choice.

“Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high,

Into that heaven of freedom, my Father, let my country awake.”